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関 信浩が2002年から書き続けるブログ。ソーシャルメディア黎明期の日本や米国の話題を、元・記者という視点と、スタートアップ企業の経営者というインサイダーの立場を駆使して、さまざまな切り口で執筆しています


Moved to TypePad

I just moved my English blog to TypePad at TypePad looks good and couldn't wait exploring TypePad more! Previous entries have been successfully transferred. Good job, Ben and Mena.


Entrepreneurship in young gets deflated

I've got the source of the research, which I mentioned in the previous etnry. The research was reported in Japanese but I created its summary here. Survey: Attitude to jobs and workplace of FY2003 Regular new-hired employees The survey was...


My bio

I ended up writing a bit about myself when I got my TypePad beta site available. I think I will add some more at times.


GPS is accurate, but map info is not?

I just bought au's A5401CA cell phone with digicam. The good thing is that it can attach location info to photos via au's GPS functionality. Cool. Here is a moblogged pic taken at Shibuya, Tokyo, with location info. The cell...


Justin's article about 1IMC

Here's Justin's article about 1IMC. Rehearsing the Future: First International Moblogging Conference Report By Justin Hall, Jul 08 2003 As increasing numbers of people begin mobile multimedia broadcasts from around the world, we will be tying cyberspace to meat space,...


Hangout with IDEO people

Last night I happened to hang out with some IDEO people happening to come to Tokyo for a week. Suda-san asked them to drop by. Thanks, suda-san. Folks, please post your comments here!