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関 信浩が2002年から書き続けるブログ。ソーシャルメディア黎明期の日本や米国の話題を、元・記者という視点と、スタートアップ企業の経営者というインサイダーの立場を駆使して、さまざまな切り口で執筆しています

Connecting networksAfter the 1st International Moblogging Conference, there was a networking opporutnity at the same club. It was really nice seeing people from various countries talking together. But it was regrettable that not so many Japanese(well, compared to the number of Japanese attendees to 1IMC) came to know more about other mobloggers. I wish, as a part of the host country, more Japanese came and showed the biggest hospitality.

I talked with Mie about the thought behind this phenomenon. I feel the speed of the network effect within Japanese blogs is slower than that in English blogs, which reflects lacks of experiences of networking activities in real life, doesn't it?

As you noticed, I am not a bilingual nor English speaker so it is not easy to talk in English, especially in a loud. But it is such opportunities, I believe, that "serendipity", as many mentioned in the conference, happens. Especially "hub" people get together and connect social networks by accident, but such meetings sometimes breed something. This is what I always expect in my life. New findings! Without them I would get bored and die.

Maybe I should have been a part of volunteers that ran the wonderful conference and asked more Japanese to come. Gen said no Japanese were members of it. This time, too late. Hope next time.

Overall, I have really enjoyed whole the conference. Many thanks to those who organized the conference.