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関 信浩が2002年から書き続けるブログ。ソーシャルメディア黎明期の日本や米国の話題を、元・記者という視点と、スタートアップ企業の経営者というインサイダーの立場を駆使して、さまざまな切り口で執筆しています

Technology Review誌の友人から、「街を舞台にしたマルチ・プレーヤー・ゲームの記事があるぞ」と教えてもらった。Mattは、僕がこういうマルチ・プレーヤー・ゲームのビジネスプランを書いていたことを知っているのだ(何を隠そうSyncWorldというのは、このビジネスプランのベンチャー名でありゲームシリーズ名だったのだ)。

Let the Games Converge!

By Patric Hadenius
October 15, 2003

The two hottest trends in computer gaming are portability and multiplayer interactions. A Swedish research lab and telecom giant Nokia are putting these capabilities together.


The beep coming from your PDA is not a reminder for a meeting. It's a trull trying to communicate. Shouting, it looks at you from the screen. The only thing to do is to scribble some runes to make it quiet. Then run to the next holy place.

This is a perfectly real scenario, and has been since the release of The Visby Game,—an adventure computer game set not in the usual fantasy world but in the town of Visby, Sweden. The trull is a character in the game, and together you visit mystical places both in the physical world and the game world.

The choice of Visby for the game setting is no coincidence. This small, medieval town is the home of Zero-Game Studio, an applied research lab specializing in games. A dozen leading computer games researchers from all over the world have settled at this two-year-old lab to investigate what a game really is -- and what it could be. Zero-Game is part of a company called the Interactive Institute, which is owned by a Swedish research foundation that is itself controlled and financed by the Swedish government.