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関 信浩が2002年から書き続けるブログ。ソーシャルメディア黎明期の日本や米国の話題を、元・記者という視点と、スタートアップ企業の経営者というインサイダーの立場を駆使して、さまざまな切り口で執筆しています

Asian Cafe Cha-ka-maToday, I went to a limited-period Asian cafe Cha-ka-ma in Sasaduka, Shibuya-ku. There were two reasons to go there. The number one is to make over a book, a Japanese translated version of "Linked" by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, to hirosh, who produced this cafe.
The other, and the best, is to see two famous gadgeters, who blog gadgets a lot, meet.

The gadgeters are hirosh and minami, witnessed by me and yuki.

Photo: Discussion of the two
minami talking about the attractive Canon IXY Digital 400As always, a busy guy hirosh was from lack of sleep. But he was actively talking with minami about gadgets.

I don't talk much about the discussion since minami reports on the discussion well in his entry. But I would quote that "I don't think this is the first time to meet hirosh", said minami, describing blogging really makes people connected.

All agreed to conclude that the situation around blogging is very similar to something happening in early 90s when Personal Communication Services and the Internet were emerging. However, hirosh interestingly added the comment that end-users have changed from engineers who thought they kindly offered everything for the Internet, to citizens who really want to talk about anything they want. Good point.

Chinese tea
Oh oh, I almost forgot to comment on the cafe. The atomosphere of the cafe seems authentic. Selection of teas is great - teas from all over the world. Pity the cafe is closed at 7pm. But I plan to go there after hours with a video cam to broadcast real-time bi-directional discussion - using IM or Blog, through the optical fiber the cafe installs.